Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my photos/videos to North Point Digital Productions LLC.?

Will I get my pictures back?

What is the process of getting my own North Point Digital Productions LLC. DVD?

How do I know which pictures to use? OR How many pictures should I use?

I have 100 photos. How long of a DVD is that?

How many songs should I choose?

What are transitions and which ones should I use?

How should I choose the order my photos will appear?

What if I don't want to send photos? They’re the only copies I have!!!

Can I add black and white photos to my project?

What if I have a certain way I want my pictures to be displayed?

Can I pick my own music? OR Can you pick music for my project, I'm overwhelmed…

Can you put video clips into my DVD?

If you scan in all of my photos, can I get them on a disc for later?

What payment methods do you accept?

What's Next?


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